Zincalume Farm Shed

Zincalume Farm Shed Fair Dinkum Builds Northern Rivers

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There is plenty to love about this Zincalume Farm Shed. Dream about having it on your property as the ultimate storage solution for machinery or livestock feed. We can customize it for you by changing the size, roof pitch or colour to have it blend into your surroundings on your land.

Dimensions & Specs


Width (m)

12 metres

Length (m)

12 metres

Eave Height (m)

4.2 metres

Pitch (° degrees)

Gable with 15 Degree Pitch


Zincalume Monoclad


Zincalume Farm Shed

Whether you need a place to store the machiney or livestock feed, this Zincalume Farm Shed has got you covered. Offering a wide range of fully customizable Farm Shed solutions – we can create whatever you are dreaming for life on the land. If you need more windows for light, extra large roller doors, an open end or enclosed workshop space – we can create it and organise your end to end solution. This means, no worrying about concrete pours or building the structure, we take care of it all.

This Zincalume Farm Shed is a shed that has been customized allowing a space for our client that is truely their own. The creation of 4 bays allows for ample access plus giving all the space that you need once inside. This shed creation has no steel posts inside the shed – making sure that there is nothing getting in the way of what you need to store or move around. A perfect example of the roller door having the height clearance to store a caravan or create the ultimate man cave.

The break down of the shed is as follows:

  • Shed size:     12m wide and 12m long, with 4 internal bays
  • Height to the eaves at 4.2 metres and to the apex at 5.81 metres
  • One end left fully open to allow for machiney for easy entry and exit


Can you build a Farm Shed with a Mezzanine in it?

Yes, incorporating a mezzanine in a Farm Shed or Garage is a popular choice that adds functional space and visual interest. A mezzanine is an intermediate floor level that is partially open to the floor below, creating a semi-enclosed platform or balcony, most commonly made with steel posts and timber flooring such as Yellow Tongue. Mezzanines are commonly used to optimize vertical space by adding additional square footage without expanding the building’s footprint. They can serve as additional work areas, storage space, or even create unique and inviting seating areas – they are great in a storage sense in your shed or garage as you can move such things as Christmas Decorations up and then have plenty of space for your home workshop underneath.

With careful planning and design considerations, a mezzanine can be intergrated into new construction projects or added to existing structures to enhance their functionality and aesthetics.


What do you build a Farm Shed on?

The best foundation to build a shed on, is concrete. It delivers a strong base to attach the Farm Shed to and gives you a clean surface for anything that you may want to store there. That being said, you may have instances where you need an open base as you are storing machinery and don’t want the added cost of a concrete slab. We can build your Farm Shed on concrete piers, then over to you to decide what base to put down.


If you’ve got big dreams to build a Farm shed in the ColorBond colour Zincalume on your land, call Fair Dinkum Builds Northern Rivers on 6622 5111 or start designing in the Fair Dinkum Builds Designer App and send it to us for a free design and quote. See your designs first-hand as you play around with features such as colour, roof pitch and size. Make your shed, your masterpiece by adding in extra windows, roller doors or personal access doors.

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If you’ve got big dreams to build an Industrial Farm Shed on your land, call Fair Dinkum Builds Northern Rivers on 6622 5111 or start designing in the shed app today and send it to us for a free design and quote.

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